September 2016

Our dear member,

We would like to welcome you to the KAITH PAPAPOSTOLOU Charitable Love Foundation.

The vision of the Foundation is based on the way Kaiti lived her life. Having as a guide Kaiti’s modesty and contribution, we focus on real human relationships. Having Kaiti’s spark of kindness and generosity as a spring board, the Foundation’s ambition is to spread this woman’s philosophy to as many people as possible. Our mission is to lay the foundations for a better, more humane society through people who become increasingly better persons with each passing day.

With the assurance that you share the Foundation’s sensitivities, we encourage you to:να:

  • Focus your attention on your immediate environment, such as friends, family, colleagues or anybody else in your broader social environment and try to approach everyone who seems to need your compassion, showing them that you will be there for them.
  • Respond to the Foundation’s invitation to share with us your latest experience of offering love, regardless of whether you were the offeror or the receiver. It doesn’t matter how great your action is. What counts most is the thought and the emotion that prompted it or resulted from it.
  • Try to boost or strengthen these human relationships with everyone “offering” them a wonderful smile, an encouraging or reassuring word when the need arises, devoting your precious time in providing compassion and support.
  • Your contribution could be material, such as books and foodstuff or it could be moral, such as holding a suffering person’s hand or offering any human contact. The Charitable Love Foundation will find a way to contribute, because unconditional love is the fundamental driving force.

We invite each and every one of you who feels ready to share and suggest ways of helping others to join the Charitable Love Foundation KAITH PAPAPOSTOLOU, which welcomes any ideas and suggestions you may have concerning both the nature of your offer, and the potential recipients of these acts of love.

Welcome to a journey of selflessness where we aim to improve ourselves to the fullest extent.