In a full-to-capacity hall at the University of Macedonia the programme entitled HOUSE TREATMENT PEDIATRICS was presented, in a cooperation with “THE SMILE OF THE CHILD” and the University of Macedonia. Following a proposal of “THE SMILE OF THE CHILD”’s president, Mr. Kostas Giannakopoulos, this programme was named after “House treatment pediatrics – KAITH PAPAPOSTOLOU”.

Programme “House treatment pediatrics – KAITH PAPAPOSTOLOU” (PKON)

Thanks to the cooperation among the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, the third pediatric clinic of the University and “THE SMILE OF THE CHILD” this programme was made possible The aim was to promote the improvement of safe treatment for children with chronic health problems at home, as well as for children suffering from a serious chronic condition.

This initiative was intended for children from Northern Greece and indicatively children with asthma or other severe respiratory difficulties, children with neuromuscular problems, who need technical support, children with Cystic Fibrosis or oncological problems.

This programme supports the effort initiated in 2011 with the financial support of the 4th IPE, the European pilot project (2013-2015) and the Ministry of Health (2016+) for helping ailing children and their families.

The KAITH PAPAPOSTOLOU Charitable Love Foundation equipped the ambulance with all necessary medical equipment. This donation met the needs that all children with problems might face as a part of a home visit by, offering a technical support as well.

At this event, the Papapostolou family was honored with a plaque, which was received by Orestis, Niki and Alexandros Papapostolou.