Having as a backdrop the renovated Byzantine Kamara, in Elaiorama Pylaias, “Orfeia Armonia” performed a beautiful concert of ancient Greek music, closing the 3rd Festival entitled “Musical Meetings”, which is organised by the Municipality of Hortiatis-Pylaia.

Both the general public and those on the adjacent balconies enjoyed the concert while sweet notes and melodies going back 2.500 years filled the air. The 20 members of the orchestra, received enthusiastic applause from the audience. The programme included renditions of ancient Greek sections between 3rd century B.C until 3rd A.D century A.D., being performed by the above-mentioned ensemble on exact copies of ancient Greek instruments.

The concept was kindly supported by the KAITH PAPAPOSTOLOU Foundation, while Mr. Kaitezidis Ignatios, Pylaias mayor and Mr. Kazakis Hercules, the cultural events organiser for the municipality delivered the opening speeches. The mayor thanked the KAITH Foundation for the opportunity it offered to the citizens of Pylaia to enjoy for free this exquisite music experience.